Southern Shaolin Kung-Fu In Bristol

Students will be trained first of all in the traditional kung fu forms, starting with the first lau gar form. as the student grows more proficient they will be taught techniques that are contained in the form.

​For self defence,  we will teach drills that emphasise striking ALONGSIDE THE TRADITIONAL FORMS. This includes kicks, punches, knees, elbows, forearm smashes, body checks and head drives. Both open and closed hand strikes are used.  

another aspect of kung fu that will be looked into for more advanced students is Chin Na -the art of locking and holding. It uses joint locking, hyper-extension of limbs and chokes to control and unbalance an opponent. this leads into grappling, the art of wrestling and ground fighting. In a real situation there is a high probability of ending up in a clinch or on the ground. Grappling includes take downs, throws, break falls, controls, ground defence, escapes, chokes, locks and close quarter strikes.

Students acheiving black belt grade will be moved on to quiGong, a set of advanced breathing exercises whose aim is to strengthen and energise the body and to promote a very healthy flow of chi (vital life force) throughout the body. As well as breathing methods, Chi Gong includes making certain sounds to massage and strengthen the vitals organs.